Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Not so Great Gatsby

I am currently reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and it is not as interesting as people that have previously read it told me. They all said that the book was one of the best books they have ever read. I disagree with them due to the writing style because it kept throwing me off as to what was happening in the book. I finished three fourths of the book and I hope to finish the book by this Friday. I hope to read at least twenty pages in class, and read for twenty to thirty minutes at home.

In the book, a quote that caught my attention was "Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space." I chose this quote to show that even though these two characters are looking at each other, the author makes it seem like they are already lovers of some sort. That's why I personally did not like the book that much. In general, the book kept looping my attention in the sense that the book would lose my attention, then gain it back for a little, then lose it again. The book also kept throwing me off in the fact that I was lost as to what has happening in that specific scene.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bloody Dreams

Recently, I've started reading for thirty minutes once I get home from school, and it has increased my productivity around the house. I now have found time to wash the dishes every night before I go to bed. My reading goals should not be where I want it to be, but I finished Blood Fever this weekend so that can help me catch up. I will soon begin The Great Gatsby as I have heard that it's a tremendous book!
One of the quotes that seemed interesting to me was "The path wound steeply up between huge boulders through the familiar low scrubby Mediterranean maquis of juniper, myrtle, and rosemary(108)." I chose this quote to show that Charlie Higson, my favorite author, has a very descriptive writing style that's very easy to understand. Also this quote reminds me of when I visited Pakistan. My dad's old house had rocks and not a clear pathway. You could say he lived in the "ghetto". His house was always a mess because their family had to stay off the radar from the police. The book overall displayed a few of my memories as a child growing up.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Life in Words

Hello! I am Kam Yousuf, a student in Ms. Mayo's fourth period class at HHS. Growing up as a kid, I used to sit and read at least one book everyday just so I can keep up with the rest of my grade. I was one of the slowest readers in my class and I still am today. Reading was not one of my best hobbies but I tried to better myself. Reading has always had an effect on my life because it's the one place I resulted to when my day was going bad. I don't know, it just put me in a different world. I used to believe that I would become the main character and just daydream about what I would do in their situation. It would boost my confidence. Now days I only read for twenty minutes a day, and I know I can increase the amount of time and become a faster reader, but for some reason I don't want to change. I used to love reading, but I don't know what happened.

I've had my eye on this specific book for a while now but I never got time to read it till now. The book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the AP book that I want to read this nine weeks. My reading goal for the nine weeks is to read at least four books so I can prove to myself that I am improving as a reader whether it be by one book or ten books. Some of my favorite books include: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Blood Fever by Charlie Higson, and Silverfin by Charlie Higson. I am a huge Charlie Higson fan because of his style and genre. Higson wrote a series about a young James Bond and when I first read the book, I knew I wasn't going to stop unless I absolutely have to.